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It is always a honor working with Jizel Powell. She is by far one of the most remarkable people I know.

She's humble, down to earth, pleasant, easy going and just a great person over all. As she embraces another set milestones in her life, all I call do is smile. Jizel Powell is currently one of the reigning queen's for Imperial Beauties in the Cayman Islands. On April 8th 2017 she will giving up her crown to her successor. I can only hope that the new queen can take on this role and do it with the grace and determination that Jizel did. I will admit, Jizel's success and mind set is no accident. It comes from the amazing mother and father that she has. Her mother is completely outstanding, and she would literally do everything possible for her girls. Her hard work has paid off, and it shows in each of her daughters but most of all, in Jizel. Please enjoy a few images from our recent shoot, Which I would like to mention Danielle Ebanks-Lee for her amazing make-up artistry, without her help I personal don't think this shoot would have gone as well as it did. And for the record, Jizel will always have the full backing of Pictures By Shankar. Thank you for being amazing Jizel

Have a good one guys

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Pictures By Shankar

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