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Morning Boost

Honestly, This may sound foolish to many or even... rather simple. But, it's the little moments and the little blessings I love.

Kate at the Brew Hut will certainly make you smile. Her unique personality and amazing Customer Service, I can say would be hard to beat (maybe even impossible, Hmmmm). Normally by your second visit Kate has you covered, Especially if come back the following day. Just try it and see what I'm talking about. Kate has this way about her, that draws you in, and makes you feel like you need to be at the Brew Hut. She pays attention to the little details, for every person that walks in the shop. Making sure every cup is served just the way they like it. And she does the Art stuff lol........ depending on what you're drinking.

Kate is just an all around rock star, and I hope Cay Brew is doing everything possible to keep her happy. Because she is one of those rare gems that should never be lost.

Yes, everyone knows I'm not a coffee drinker, but I love love love, My grande Hot Chocolate with caramel and my custom smoothies. I just can't help my self.

Yes, everyone knows I'm not a coffee drinker, but not only does the Brew Hut makes an amazing hot chocolate (with caramel) but they have smoothies. And Michelle and Kate will tell you I've created a special bend that has several employees at the airport talking about it and asking for it (Shankar's Breakfast Smoothie). I might need to check with CayBrew to have it on the menu named that way.

Don't worry Michelle, You're awesome in your own unique way. I'm pretty sure you have an inner rock star, that is just dying to be released. Conversations with you are have a fun sassy vibe, and it's totally awesome.

But all in all, this is a great little getaway spot. So, if you want to have a great experience with a rock star who knows how to make awesome coffee or the worlds best Hot Chocolate, the Brew Hut is where you need to be.

So now I'm off to work with nothing but a smile and a fabulous Hot Chocolate, just the way I love it.

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