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Mise en Place

I know it’s been awhile since I last wrote a blog, but I’m back.

On Friday night (5-May) I had the opportunity to photography a group of amazing people. Who were chosen by the peers, as the best of the best among themselves. Hearing what many of them did for their company, to make it successful is truly amazing.

This event was held at one of the most breath taking private homes in the Cayman Islands. Soft melodies in the background and a musician on his guitar playing along. At one end of the property a spectacular Cayman Sunset was happening, I’m still in awe.

This event as catered by the one and only Mise En Place. Yes, they are a part of Our Family (Vendors & Venues). Which I’ll tell you more about Our Family in my next Blog. But I really want to tell you about the way in which Mise en Place operates. Witnessing this, has kept me smiling ever since that moment.

I briefly spoke with the Chef and even though it wasn’t his intention, he had the most impact on me that evening. I told him, “Watching you work was a true work of Art.” His reply was, “I have the most amazing team and all of us play a key role in the operation. They are simply the best team I have ever had the pleasure to work with.” And I also spoke with another member of the team. And he said, “This is my team, and I know I can count of them". So, I’m like wow.

This might seem meaningless to many, but this is something that is truly remarkable. Watching everyone knowing their place, and the time to be there is simply amazing. I said it that night and I’m going to say it again. "I am not easily impressed, but that night, Mise En Place took home the GOLD for me."

So with their understanding performance and a spectacular team, Mise En Place in my opinion is the leader in catering here in the Cayman Islands. Keep up the amazing job Mise en Place.

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