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On the 16th-Sept my oldest niece turned 15. And in all honestly I can’t believe it. Uncles Princess is becoming a beautiful young woman. So being a young woman, my sister decided to do a night out. To allow my niece to get all dolled up, with the dress to match.

So after restaurant hunting, my sister found “The Waterfront Urban Diner”. She emailed them just to get an inquire and to my sisters surprise she said, “in under 45 minutes they replied back and even confirmed her for the night”. I must say that is the type of service, I was very impressed.

My niece love getting dolled up, so why not get it done professionally, by one of the members of “Our Family”. As you guys know, the people on this list are highly trusted by Pictures By Shankar. And for this event Danielle Lee from the Powder Room, was the makeup artist who dolled up both my niece and sister. And as usual Danielle never fails, her makeup skills were on point.

As we entered The Waterfront, the staff are all great at making you feel welcomed. But I have to say Paolo, is honestly the definition of true customer service. Yes, in my sisters email she told them about my seafood allergies, but he made it point to come around to confirm it was me, and made sure the other waiters aware to stay away with seafood.

Being in customer service for some time now, you tend to develop special skills and one of them is seeing right thru people’s fake acts of customer service. But Paolo isn’t faking, he’s the real deal. He did everything with a smile, even when he is dealing with other employees, he is smiling. And because of this, my family and I will be making this one of our new spots. Yes, I know I didn’t say anything about the food, and just for those who are wondering, the food is absolutely one point. I give it a 9 out of 10.

So thanks to The Waterfront, Paolo and Danielle for making my niece day a special one.

P.S Between makeup and going to the restaurant I couldn’t help myself, I had to do a Mini Shoot. So stay tuned the pictures will be released really soon.

The Waterfront Urban Diner – 345-640-0002 The Powder Room – 345-926-8932

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