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The Veteran's Dinner Gala

Every year Cayman Islands Veterans Association (CIVA) host an amazing event. Where they bring together all of the veterans that call the Cayman Islands home. Allowing friends and families to recognize and reflect on everything that our veterans have put on the line for all of us. But don't be mislead by this. This event is full of laughs and good old fun that allow CIVA to raise funds for our Veterans.

After dinner random guest are picked on because they have broken a rule or two that they need to pay for.

As an example anyone caught not wearing a poppy, is brought to the front of the room. Where they will have to explain their actions and will have to pay for their offences. Other examples of offences are not wearing a black bow or tie, taking your jacket off without permission, or leaving the room without permission.

Guest do this on purpose for 2 reasons. The funds collected from all of the offences is split, a portion of the funds are reinvested to continuing to entertain the guest and the remaining funds go to CIVA .

So, it's a win, win.

Going around each table you get to see every sponsor and personally it warms my heart to know that companies and private persons really do care for others. Pictures By Shankar is proud to be supporting CIVA.

So come out and show your support every bit can make a difference. For details about the 2018 Gala or about getting involved with CIVA please contact Shadden & Andrew Mclaughlin on

or 345-926-5189 or 345-916-5317

To see how much fun we have every year, go to

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