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Mise En Place Catering
Mise en Place
Timisha Edwards

For over a decade, Mise en Place has set the precedent for excellent culinary service here in the Cayman Islands.  Since our humble beginnings catering a single event out of a family kitchen, the company has grown to develop an exciting assortment of hospitality businesses, all sharing in the same cultural mindset: a great love of food and passion for providing the best possible service. So, whether we are delivering you Friday night’s pepperoni pizza, feeding your kids nourishing school lunches or executing your dream of a formal wedding dinner along the turquoise waters of Sunset Bay, we will always strive for perfection. It’s what we do and who we are. It’s what makes us

Mise en Place.

TIA’s Table is driven by the pursuit of excellence and immaculate presentation. Geared towards creating the ultimate dining experience by igniting our passion for food in others.   


In 2012 Chef Timisha embarked on her journey thus catering to both local and international clientele; providing them with the most scrumptious array of culinary creation. She's known to specialize in personalizing your custom made acquired taste and creating that once in a lifetime dining experience for you and your loved ones. She is a graduate of Johnson and Wales University where she proudly achieved a degree in Culinary Arts, Food & Beverage and Service Management. Chef Timisha is the sole proprietor of her operation TIA’s Table.

Pictures By Shankar

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